A Diabetes Friendly Drink for Hot Summer Days

Water is great, it's perfect really. But sometimes we crave a little flavor. The challenge is finding beverages that are refreshing on hot days, diabetic-friendly (meaning they won't have an impact on blood sugar), and that have at least a little bit of flavor.

One new beverage hitting the market manages to hit every mark: It's called Nutri-Twist Wow Water, and like all good inventions, it was born out of necessity and a vacancy in the market.

Frustrated by the beverage options available for their young boy, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, the Andoni family of Michigan set about making their own. The owners of Shield's Pizza, the Andoni family looked around and saw only drinks loaded with artificial flavors and colors, along with high-fructose corn syrup and additional chemicals. After approaching several distributors about a diabetes-friendly drink without success, they developed Wow Water.

Wow Water is gluten-free, low on sugar, has 11 grams of carbs, vitamins B, C, and D, electrolytes, and about 45 calories total. No artificial flavors, colors, and no caffeine. For a sweetener, they use Stevia.

Wow Water currently comes in three available flavors: Strawberry kiwi, tropical citrus, and berry fusion. It isn't water—one writer referred to it as a diabetic version of Gatorade—and is available on Amazon if you don't live in the Michigan area.

Photo: My Fox Detroit, Diabetes Mine

The Andoni Family, creators of Wow Water.