Grapes May Contribute to Disease Prevention

Like grapes? Those little bite-sized, juicy, sweet bursts of pleasure make a great healthy snack. New research is showing that they may be an even better snack choice than we ever dreamed.

New Study

"Diabetes Care" published a study that found that grapes contained polyphenols-- micronutrients that have all kinds of health benefits. The results of the study suggest that grape polyphenols change bacteria found in the gut.

These polyphenols can protect against metabolic syndrome. If you eat a high-fat diet, they'll help to offset the negative effects. This can help reduce your risk of weight gain and storing triglycerides.
This data suggests, "that [grape polyphenols] act in the intestine to modify gut microbial community structure, resulting in lower intestinal and systemic inflammation and improved metabolic outcomes," said the study authors.

What This Means

This means that, whether you're diabetic or at risk for diabetes, grapes make an excellent snack choice. Try working them into your routine-- throw a handful on your cereal, into your yogurt, or just pick away at a bunch. If you want a sweet, refreshing treat, try freezing grapes-- they're like candied ice.

If you prefer, Concord grape juice is also a source of polyphenols. While you should limit your juice drinking, if you're going to have a cup, grape is the way to go.

Photo: Green Market Global