How Your Sweetie's Bad Habits Might Be Affecting You

Have your eating and exercise habits changed since you found your significant other? If so, you're not alone. A new study from Scotland found that your current partner has more influence on your diet and physical activity than a lifetime of habit-forming.

The Study

Conducted at the University of Edinburgh, the study found that middle-aged couples are more influenced by each other than their past experience, upbringing or even inherited traits.

"Although genetics accounts for a significant proportion of the variation between people, our study has shown that the environment you share with your partner in adulthood also influences whether you become obese and this is more important than your upbringing," said lead author of the study, Chris Haley.

What This Means

If your significant other has bad habits when it comes to physical fitness and dietary choices, you're more likely to follow suit in time.

But the good news is, the flip side is also true. If one person begins adopting better habits, the other person will be influenced and improve their habits as well. Together, couples can influence each other in healthy ways.

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