Diabetes Technology Brings Peace of Mind to Parents

Managing diabetes is difficult enough for adults, but just imagine trying to manage it when you're 8 years old. Parents of children with diabetes have long sought to find the balance between being vigilant and smothering their child. You want your child to be like every other normal kid, to go to friends’ houses or go play in the park; but you don't want it to be at the risk of a health crisis.

New Technology

New technology is making it possible for diabetic parents to relax, and diabetic kids to experience more freedom than ever. One such device is Dexacom-- a device that continuously monitors glucose. With an app, it allows parents to keep an eye on a child with diabetes-- but from a distance.

Safe and Secure

Continuous glucose monitoring for kids is ideal, because children with diabetes don't always recognize the symptoms of high or low blood sugar. This is especially true at night-- kids are most likely to have dangerous blood sugar drops while they sleep. This makes it all the scarier for a parent to send a diabetic child off to a sleepover or on a school trip.

How It Works

When blood sugar levels get too high or low, the app will notify mom or dad. That way, parents don't have to worry about getting up to check glucose randomly in the night, they don't have to fret when kids are in school or camping or visiting grandparents for the summer.

Most insurance companies and even some state Medicaid programs cover continuous glucose monitoring systems-- but the peace of mind it buys is priceless!

Photo: Dia Tribe